Viljayfirlýsing milli Íslands og Kanada á sviði viðskipta og atvinnuþróunar.

Viljayfirlýsingin er á ensku.


Viljayfirlýsing milli Íslands og Kanada á sviði
viðskipta og atvinnuþróunar

Á ferð iðnaðar- og viðskiptaráðherra til Kanada í byrjun febrúar var m.a. rætt um samstarf Íslands og Nova Scotia á sviði viðskipta- og atvinnuþróunar. Samstarf þetta byggir á viljayfirlýsinginu sem undirrituð var af iðnaðar- og viðskiptaráðherra, Valgerði Sverrisdóttur og ráðherra efnahagsþróunarmála í fylkisstjórn Nova Scotia þann 2. desember 2002 og var framhald fyrri samstarfsyfirlýsingar frá árinu 1998.

Memorandum of Understanding
The Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Iceland
The Office of Economic Development
Nova Scotia, Canada

RECOGNIZING that the common desire of both Ministries to promote the economic growth and encourage business development and investment; and notwithstanding the business representation, business links and civic authorities, administrative procedures in both public and private sectors may differ, THE MINISTRIES AGREE to enter into an Understanding to confirm the existing established formal relationship between our two Ministries in order to foster business development and trade opportunities, at both home and jointly as appropriate in third markets, through business interaction in both public and private sectors where we have identified common grounds and aspirations.

To that end both parties hereby continue to agree:

· To keep each other informed of important economic and civic issues.

· To provide information, liaison and support to prospective businesses interested in investment and business opportunities, so as to facilitate access to each other's markets.

· To encourage through the working agencies coordination of economic missions.

· To provide for and publicise business link/entry points connected to each Ministry. These links or contact points may be provided by public/and or private sector bodies, reflecting the respective systems and cultures.

· To give initial focus to business growth, cooperation and investment in the following sectors:

o Energy related technology
o Advanced Manufacturing
o Environmental technology
o Life Sciences
o Information Technology
o Management, training and education in public and private sectors

· To establish a Joint Committee to oversee and review the implementation of this Understanding, with one representative from each of the Ministries meeting annually and alternately in Iceland and Nova Scotia.
    · It will be the responsibility of the Joint Committee to develop a work plan outlining the agreed upon goals and objectives to be achieved over a two year period. This work plan will be approved by each of the working agencies in accordance to their individual and collective mandates.

    · That cost arising from the administration of the Joint Committee meeting be met by respective signatories to this agreement in terms of travel and accommodation, but that meeting facilities be provided by the hosting partner.
    This Memorandum of Understanding will succeed the Memorandum of Understanding originally signed between the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism signed January 28th, 1998.

    In witness whereof the parties hereto have executed this Memorandum of Understanding on this 2nd day of December, 2002.

    For the Ministry of Industry
    and Commerce, Iceland

    Valgerdur Sverrisdottir
    Minister of Industry and
    Commerce, Iceland

    For the Office of Economic
    Development, The Government
    of the Province of NOVA SCOTIA

    Cecil P. Clarke
    Minister, The Office of Economic
    Development, The Government of the
    Province of NOVA SCOTIA


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